Customization Supports Success

Sept. 20, 2009
One example of the many Italian companies that continually grow throughout a variety of customer bases is Jobs S.p.A. (

Founded in 1978, the company makes high-power, 5-axis high-speed milling machines and automated milling systems. Jobs products and solutions are widely employed by manufacturing industries worldwide.

Jobs offers complete integration for new production systems into existing ones, maximizing return on investment, particularly in the aerospace industry, for customers such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier Aerospace, and Alenia Aeronautica.

In the broad fields of aerospace, composites, molds and dies, and energy and general engineering, Jobs understands that dedicated automation means productivity and flexibility and the fulfillment of manufacturing strategies for an array of dissimilar customers. Targeting total customer satisfaction, a team of Jobs technicians develop customized and, when required, highly engineered solutions up to the supply of turnkey plants.

Producing many multifunctional modules, accessories and special equipment provides the simplest answers to different production strategies of customers companies.

Jobs customer Mickey Guckian is the CAD CAM manager at Century Tool & Gage (, compression mold builders, a shop with 65 employees in Michigan. He explains, “We’ve been using Jobs since 1991. We have three styles of their equipment—Jobs 23, 5-axis gantry mill lighter duty machine for cut run board, finished steel and aluminum, all finished cutting; we’re very happy with that equipment. Then we have Jobs 245 heavy duty gantry mill, 3-axis roughing head, 5-axis power head, 5 axis-high-speed electro spindle head, 15,000 rpm, which we found was very good for what we needed. We run two 12-hour shifts. And in 2002 we got our first LinX high-speed finished machine, more specialized. We run them all. We got a second LinX three years ago. The linear LinX is accurate, very fast; it can get a job done that normally takes eight to ten days in just two to three days.”

As the relationship developed, there were visits back and forth between Italy and Michigan, as Jobs was planning to move from its nearby U.S. facility. Century offered them space, where they are located today.

Guckian, who has been with Century Tool for 25 years, adds, “We help them by bringing people through to see their machines in operation. It’s been a really good relationship. And if we need them, they are right here to help us out.”

The company’s experience, gained through hundreds of installations in various production contexts, is collected in its Customer Application Support. Customers can interact with a group of skilled technicians who can study “tailored” solutions, from technological consultancy, to the analysis of optimized machining processes to the complete definition of the production system: the machine, the fixture, the tools and technological parameter optimization for all machining.

With tens of thousands of machines installed worldwide, another global leader, COMEZ S.p.A. ( works with U.S., Canadian, Chinese and Mexican agencies and subsidiaries.

The manufacturer of crochet knitting machines, weaving needle looms and warp knitting machines used in the production of a range of narrow fabrics such as laces, ribbons and bands, technical textiles, fancy yarns, and fabrics for outerwear, the company is closely linked to the business of its end-users. COMEZ participates in research along with customers and collaborates to determine the best finishing processes.

The company provides training courses for customers, as well as technology exchanges with end-users. The lessons learned during those exchanges drive COMEZ to continuously modify and integrate new products. Depending on the articles produced and yarn specifications, special devices and/or accessories are applied to basic machines.

Customization is a key component of its business as COMEZ produces made-to-order equipment according to users’ needs. Consultant services for studies and projects target the production of narrow fabrics. Assessments by company experts also help users to expand production and competitively break into varied textile sectors, both traditional and innovative.

Jobs S.p.A.

Century Tool & Gage


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