Isolator Provides Adjustable Conditioning

The WavePak DC/DC universal isolator is billed as a cost-effective, adjustable conditioning solution for applications with high-level signals, such as flow transmitters in process applications.

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WavePak is designed to interface between field equipment and control systems, converting and isolating signals with a high level of accuracy that exceeds 0.1%. It is a four-wire DC isolator with complete three-way isolation and its voltage or current inputs and outputs can be internally selected and scaled via pushbuttons located on the front of the module. Outputs can be configured as direct or reverse action, as required by the application. Users have the ability to select either current sink or loop-powered input mode, allowing the module to be an active or passive input circuit. 24VDC power for two-wire transmitters also provides the flexibility to drive additional load in an active input loop.


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