Cooling Tower Control Saves Money

The rack-mounted, plug-and-play Model 2122 Cooling Tower Control System is designed to apply the various chemicals used to prevent corrosion, scaling and fouling in water-based wet cooling towers, reducing waste and cost by eliminating excess chemical feeds.

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A biocide timer is built into the system for ease of maintenance. It is designed for simple installation, set-up and operation out of the box. The Model 2122 is an integrated system, which controls acid feed, blowdown and inhibitor feed in cooling processes. Acid feed is controlled via pH monitoring, blowdown is controlled via conductivity (TDS) and the inhibitor is fed on a user-selected time basis. A timer-based overfeed function locks out the blowdown cycle or the acid/base feed function, and triggers a process alarm if the acid feed or blowdown cycle proceeds longer than the operator’s predetermined cycle time.
Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.

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