Sanitary Wireless Probe/Transmitter

The UWRTD-NB9W wireless RTD probe/transmitter assembly features a stainless steel probe connected to a polypropylene water-tight transmitter housing.

Aw 2626 0909 Omega
Units are shipped ready to install and operate with the push of a button. The assembly is available with or without 3-A approved thermowells for clean-in-place sanitary applications. Each receiver also includes software that converts your PC into a multi-channel temperature monitor, chart recorder or data logger. Each wireless probe assembly transmits process temperature, ambient temperature, signal strength and battery status in real time. This FCC/CE-compliant product works with all of the vendor’s UWTC Series USB or Web Enabled Ethernet Receivers and Wi Series Meter/Controller/Scanner and DIN. The unit is well-suited for the sanitary industry as well as food and beverage processing applications. Price starts at $265.

Omega Engineering Inc.

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