Connect to RTDs, Thermocouples

As an option for the RIO Pocket PLC series for intelligent and cost-effective I/O handling, the SCB-48x06 signal conditioning board allows the RIO to interface with thermocouples and RTDs (Resistive Temperature Devices).

Aw 2692 0908 Galil
The SCB-48206 interfaces to up to 6 RTDs and the SCB-48306 interfaces to up to 6 thermocouples. The SCB-48x06 connects directly to the 26-pin d-sub connector of the RIO-47120 and is oriented vertically from the RIO connector. Other mounting options are available on request. Equipped with a 32-bit processor and a nonvolatile memory for program storage, the RIO provides an intelligent, low-cost and compact solution for handling I/O. Each RIO unit contains 16 analog I/O and 32 digital I/O. The SCB-48x06 thermocouple/RTD interface costs $175 in single quantity and $125 in quantities of 100. The RIO-47120 Pocket PLC costs $345 in single quantity and $245 quantities of 100.

Galil Motion Control Inc.

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