Barrier Modules Prevent Explosions

The PI/NI-2D/24 and PI/NI-2I/I non-incendive barriers are designed to remove the need for bulky and costly explosion-proof or purged enclosures, sealed conduits, glands and fittings that are typically used in Class I, Division 2 areas.

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The non-incendive barrier modules limit energy to safe levels, preventing the risk of arcing or sparking, while allowing live wiring on the device in a Class I, Division 2 or Zone 2 area. The PI/NI-2D/24 protects 24V digital signals in the event of a short circuit or over-voltage condition. The PI/NI-2I/I limits the maximum short circuit current to 24mA in 4-20mA loops. It can be installed with two-wire 4-20mA transmitters. Both analog and digital signal modules have two channels and can use the Interface T-Bus connection system. The analog module can be powered from the T-bus, but the digital module does not require power.

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