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Vision Modules Save Time

The Maestro is designed to allow users to rapidly design, install and start up any machine vision solution while reducing time, materials and costs by using two universal Maestro modules.

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The P800 module is a master controller that interfaces with encoders and the I/O, delivering microsecond synchronization, power and safety on CAT5E cables for up to 8 or more cameras and light sources, all from a single power supply. The C12 module is a camera and light controller that is connected to the P800 with a maximum 100-meter CAT5e cable. The C12 powers and triggers any camera while providing synchronized configurable high-current pulses for LEDs or lasers. The combination of the P800 and C12 is compatible with all cameras, light sources, I/O, and machine vision software libraries, says the vendor.

LMI Technologies Inc.

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