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Flexible PC-based Control Module

The Expert I/O 1000 is a PC-based automation control module suited for numerous automation needs.

Aw 2702 0908 Dajac
The Expert I/O 1000 has a simple USB connection to a computer and allows automation of testing, processing, industrial machinery, distribution machinery and more. It is also well-suited for teaching students automation control principles and techniques. The Expert I/O 1000 incorporates many I/O functions: 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 2 analog outputs  (6 selectable ranges each), 6 analog inputs and 2 brush DC motor controllers with integrated amplifiers. It contains 2KB  of user accessible nonvolatile memory and is housed in a compact 6.125x3.375x2.25-inch enclosure. Interfacing to the Expert I/O 1000 is via detachable screw terminals. Using only software, the digital I/O voltage  can be set to 3.3V, 5V or any user-provided voltage  between 3.3V and 27V.

Dajac Inc.

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