Kits Protect Motor Bearings

Two Aegis SGR Split-Ring Bearing Protection Kits—one for NEMA motors and one for IEC motors—were developed for easy field installation without disassembly of coupled equipment.

Aw 2703 0908 Aegis
The Split-Ring kits are designed to provide clearance for shaft shoulders, slingers, and other end-bell protrusions while protecting bearings from electrical damage caused by circulating or shaft currents. Kits include the new split-ring version of the SGR Bearing Protection Ring. The ring prevents bearing damage by safely channeling shaft currents to ground. Kits also include a sturdy aluminum mounting plate and all mounting hardware. The SGR Bearing Protection Ring dramatically extends motor life and prevents bearing noise, downtime and costly motor repairs/replacements, says the vendor. Ordered by motor frame size, standard-size kits fit NEMA-frame motors with shaft diameters from 0.625-in. to 3.375-in. and IEC-frame motors with shaft diameters from 19mm to 95mm.

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