Controllers Provide DCS Functionality

PAC8000 controllers, when combined with the vendor’s process solution, Proficy Process Systems, are designed to provide users with a rugged DCS system with unmatched flexibility and an ability to tailor a control solution to their specific application requirements.

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These open controllers provide a broad process control function block library, peer-to-peer communications between controllers, the ability to handle program and I/O changes on the fly, Hart pass through, and redundancy. They can be field mounted and subjected to extremes such as a –40°C to +70°C operating range, ISA Level G3 corrosion, 30G shock and 5G vibration, operation in Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous areas with field wiring extending into Division 1 and Zone 1/0 areas. Also new are Proficy Process Systems—Premier Edition and Proficy Process Systems—Standard Edition. The Standard Edition provides a robust, cost-effective process control system, while the Premier Edition provides full DCS control and optimization capability.

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