High-current Connectors Resist Vibration

The IP67-rated, A-Size 3- and 4-pin 7/8 16UN Powerfast connectors are designed to handle high-current applications for machine power distribution, while delivering resistance to vibration associated with conveyors, motors and material handling applications.

Aw 2706 0908 Turck
The connectors provide up to 600V and 15A of power in a modular wiring design, and are available in cordsets with tray-rated, exposed-run PVC flexlife cable. These cordsets are additionally offered with or without STOOW rating and feature 14 AWG wires that allow users to replace hardwiring with a robust, quick disconnect system, saving installation time and money vs. traditional conduit systems. The connector line offers male and female, straight connectors, standard and custom lengths, and pigtails or extensions.

Turck Inc.

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