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Modules Reduce Interference

Two signal conditioning modules, the ADAM-3112 and the ADAM-3114, can convert up to 400VAC or 5AAC signals to 0~5VDC signals for data acquisition cards to measure, while reducing the harmful effects of ground loops, field noise and electrical interference.

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The ADAM-3112 is an isolated AC voltage to DC voltage module while the ADAM-3114 is an isolated AC current to DC voltage module. These modules possess high voltage isolation so that they can be exposed to severe environments and still protect the system from high-voltage input or power. Both modules provide 1,000VDC between output and power; 2,500VRMS between input and output and between input and power. The ADAM-3112 provides three input modes, 0~120VRMS, 0~250VRMS, and 0~400VRMS in one single-signal conditioning module, eliminating the need for three individual modules for different voltage-level applications. 

Advantech Corp., Industrial Automation Group

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