Versatile, Scalable Gas Detection

The IR4000 Infrared Combustible Gas Detection System is a scalable plant safety solution with voting.

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The system’s IR4000M Multi-Point Monitor can connect up to eight IR400 Point IR Gas Detectors and read their status with one command, one detector at a time. The IR4000M can also calibrate, gas check and zero each IR400 sensor with a single command, reducing the cycle time for routine maintenance. The monitor incorporates a display, relay module and a data concentrator in an explosion-proof enclosure and magnetic interface, which permits installation and calibration in hazardous locations. Optional 8-Amp relays expand system functions, reducing the need for integration with other controllers. Hart and Modbus permit the device to convey device IDs, concentration readings and time-stamped diagnostic, maintenance, and warning and alarm records to the control room.

General Monitors

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