Versatile Timers Feature UPS

Two multi-function mini-timers, HAA08 (2-pole) and HAA14 (4-pole) are 21.5x28mm in size and feature a 24-240VAC/DC universal power supply.

Aw 2784 0907 Gavaz
The timers are mounted in a DIN-rail adaptable blade-type relay socket and feature a load capability up to 8 amps. Each of the two timers provides an extended time range of 100 milliseconds to 100 hours. Four functions are provided—delay on operate, interval, symmetrical recycler “ON” first, and symmetrical recycler “OFF” first. The 2-pole option features 8Amp DPDT relay contacts, and the 4-pole option  features 5Amp 4PDT relay contacts.

Carlo Gavazzi Automation Components

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