Analytics For All

Version 3.0 of the vendor’s software is billed as the first operational performance optimization solution that delivers “every person analytics,” including real-time scenario analysis.

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Building on its Software as a Service (SaaS) dashboards, version 3.0 provides all users with advanced interactive performance analysis capabilities, right-time actionable metrics and intuitive context setting, including an industry-first dynamic time control, says the vendor. To support continuous improvement, the software enables employees to constantly monitor performance, identify and characterize performance problems, make rapid decisions and take corrective action to fix issues. Among new features, Real-time Scenario Analysis uses an advanced analytics module that delivers the ability for interactive “what-if” scenario analysis while you watch. Also new is a dynamic time control for users to put the entire dashboard into a time context and quickly obtain the big picture overview of performance trends, as well as the level of detail required to determine an issue’s root cause, says the vendor. Users can “zoom in” or “zoom out” along the time hierarchy (from months to weeks or days; or from months to quarters or years), view period-over-period comparisons, or select a specific time period of interest.


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