Low-cost Integrated Linear Actuators

The ICR Basic rod-style actuator is the first model in the vendor’s new SmartActuator series of compact, all-in-one linear actuators (integrated servomotor, drive, controller and actuator) designed to simplify motion control for industrial applications.

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With pricing billed as half that of other integrated or traditional full servo linear actuator devices, the SmartActuator series is built-to-order and ready to ship in five days from factory order. Requiring only a DC power source and motion inputs from the host PLC, the ICR Basic SmartActuator unit can be installed as a direct replacement for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Maximum stroke length is 24 inches. Two screws can be selected, providing up 80 pounds continuous force (150 pounds peak) for speeds up to 23 inches per second, or up to 200 pounds continuous force (400 pounds peak) for speeds up to 9 inches per second.


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