Lever-actuated PCB Terminal Block

The 2716 Series high-current PCB-mount terminal block features what is billed as the industry’s only lever-actuated termination design for tool-free termination of conductors 24-6AWG.

Aw 2866 0906 Wago
Simple and efficient, the 2716 Series’ integrated lever minimizes operator strain and wiring times while reducing torque exerted on PCBs, says the vendor. To operate, a user simply lifts the lever, inserts a stripped conductor and lowers the lever. The spring pressure Cage Clamp is designed to ensure that terminations are maintenance-free and gas-tight, as well as resistant to vibration and temperature cycling each and every time, regardless of operator skill. Standard 2716 Series configurations include 10mm (55A/600V) or 15mm (65A/600V) pitch variants, ranging from 2- to 8-pole configurations.

Wago Corp.

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