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HMI Extends to 255 Panels

CP-Link 3 for human-machine interface provides a new display and visualization concept for flexible connection of up to 255 Ethernet Panels or Panel PCs with one Industrial PC. CP-Link 3 is based entirely on standard hardware (Ethernet) and IP-based protocol for transfer of images.

Networking can be done using standard, cost-effective Ethernet cables (CAT 5). While the existing CP-Link 1 and CP-Link 2 solutions are based on special hardware components, CP-Link 3 is a pure software solution. The display contents are captured by a virtual graphic adapter in the host PC and sent using Ethernet to one or more Ethernet Panels with Windows operating systems (CE and XP Embedded, XP). For display communication, TCP/IP or UDP/IP (Multicast) can be configured, depending on the operating mode. Three screen display operating modes are supported. In Single Desktop, a virtual graphic adapter shows the image of the host PC on a display connected via Ethernet. In Extended Desktop, one or several virtual graphic adapters are used as extensions to the host PC desktop, allowing Windows to be extended to as many as 9 displays. In Multi Desktop, all connected displays show the same image (via UDP/IP on up to 255 panels). In multi desktop mode, an input can be made to each panel at the same time.

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