More Accurate OEE Tracking

As the latest version of the vendor’s Line Efficiency Tracking Software (LETS) factory reporting software—designed to automate the process of collecting production data from production machinery and processes—Version 3.4 allows users to more accurately track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in applications in which production rate is dictated by machine configuration.

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It calculates OEE by applying an ideal rate for each part/machine combination. This calculation method delivers greater accuracy of OEE metrics in piece-part processes where design of the part limits the speed of the job, says the vendor. The software also adjusts the ideal rate by applying a factor based on configuration of the machine. In processes in which multiple machine cycles are required to make a part, machine speed is divided by that number of cycles. LETS Version 3.4 also includes a real-time performance dashboard, a new feature that graphically compares the performance of current jobs and processes with user­-selectable benchmarks.

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