Reliable HMI Touch Panels

June 1, 2009
Four touch panels designed to provide a reliable industrial grade product for simple automation systems needing common HMI functionality have been added to the vendor's Simatic Basic product line.
Two of the touch panels, a 10-inch model with function keys and a 15-inch XVGA resolution model, provide TFT color displays. A 4-inch touch panel offers more space for additional graphic objects than the traditional 320x240 quarter-VGA resolution panels. It supports 480x272 pixel widescreen resolution on a TFT color display, providing extended screen area and visibility. The 6-inch touch panel is a multipurpose HMI capable of running Simatic WinAC PC-based control software along with standard WinCC flexible HMI panel software.Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.www.sea.siemens.com800.241.4463

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