Plug-and-play Chlorine Analyzer

The Model TCA-22 is a Total Chlorine analyzer designed for use in drinking water, industrial cooling and rinse water, wastewater or other fresh water samples containing chlorine in the range of 0-20ppm.

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It is well-suited for application in municipal water systems and a wide range of water-based processes in the chemical, electronics, electric power, food/beverage, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, pulp/paper and other industries. The TCA-22’s advanced total chlorine amperometric sensor features a built-in pH sensor that automatically compensates for samples with a 4 to 12 pH concentration.  This capability eliminates the need for expensive sample conditioning systems with consumable reagents to control the pH level in the solution.  There is also no maintenance labor required to monitor and replace the reagents. The unit features a virtually plumb-and-play design that make it ready to go right out of the box, says the vendor.

Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.

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