Compact Terminal Block System

The new 4.00mm (0.157-in.)-pitch positive-locking terminal block connection system is designed to take up less space on a network PC board while performing exactly the same as the larger version.

Aw 2942 0905 Molex
The design is modeled after the vendor’s Eurostyle Series 39980, 5.08mm (0.200-in.)-pitch and Eurostyle Series 39990, 5.00mm (0.197-in.)-pitch products. The low profile design of the 4.00mm (0.157-in.)-pitch system—39484 Tin-plated Plugs and 39485 Tin-plated PCB Headers—provides a mated mounting height that is 25 percent shorter than a standard 5.00mm (0.197-in.)-pitch vertical plug/header mated pair. In addition, the positive-locking design requires a screwdriver to unmate the plug from the header, ensuring a secure connection in vibration-prone applications and reducing the overall space required on the board by eliminating the need for traditional mounting ends.

Molex Inc.

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