Versatile, Affordable Vision Sensor

With simple set-up, integrated part detection, lighting, I/O and job change all in a rugged IP67 housing, the Checker 3G Series vision sensor is designed as an easy, reliable and affordable way to verify all products or parts on a line.

Aw 2944 0905 Cognx
With Checker 3G, the user chooses whether to configure the sensor as a presence sensor or measurement sensor. Presence sensors verify that features are present. Measurement sensors verify that features are the correct height, width and/or diameter. In either mode, there is no limit to the number of part features that can be  “checked.” Checker is also able to detect and track over 6,000ppm in varying positions along a production line, overcoming imprecise part positioning and delivering consistent, precisely timed pass/fail results. No other sensor, vision sensor, or vision system can do this, according to the vendor. The Checker 3G does not require a PC for set-up. Instead, the SensorView Teach Pendant, with its One-Click Setup technology, allows the user to set up jobs right on the line and have them running in a matter of minutes.

Cognex Corp.

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