PLC-Based Position Controllers

New Position Controllers use a high-speed motion network to provide high-precision control of  2, 4 and 16 axes to meet the growing need for fast throughput with reduced waste.

Aw 2948 0905 Omron
The position controllers pair efficiently with the vendor’s GN-Series servo drives and G-Series motors, and are compatible with a range of programmable controller platforms for a scalable solution. Designed for the vendor’s CJ and CS PLC platforms, the CJ position controllers can be paired with the micro CP1H controller for 2- and 4-axis standalone applications on a small machine, or combined with CJ1, CJ2 or CS1 controllers for high-speed, high I/O count applications used on a full production line. The motion network reduces the total cost of ownership by simplifying operation, reducing wiring, offering centralized set-up and single point access monitoring, and lowering the upfront hardware and software costs.

Omron Electronics LLC

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