Process Historian Saves Money

InfoLink Process Historian combines several software packages, including the vendor’s Trend Historian and Trend Link software, Software Toolbox’s symbol library, and optional XLReporter from SyTech, to provide a real-time and historical view of a process.

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With just a few keystrokes, an operator can call up historical data from any point in the past, and review trends, HMI screens and reports exactly as they occurred. Pricing starts at $3,500, with XLReporter available for an additional $1,600. InfoLink offers more capability at that price than similar software historians that cost five to ten times as much, according to the vendor. InfoLink runs on any PC, including HMI workstations running HMI/SCADA software, and obtains its data via OPC interfaces to PLCs, DCSes, RTUs and other hardware and software packages. It stores data with tags and time stamps, so it can be retrieved and displayed on screen in real time or in playback mode. Unlike some competitive process historians, which use compression technology, InfoLink retains all the original data on disk so that no resolution of original data is lost.

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