High-performance Linear Motor Stage

The P3 is a robust, linear motor-driven stage featuring speeds up to 5m/s at 10g, and high acceleration capacity.

Aw 2966 0905 Schnee
The linear motor coil is integrated into the top assembly plate, allowing optimized thermal conductivity for more robust operation in extreme environments under high duty cycles. The integrated linear motor design provides high stiffness/low cogging, resulting in extremely smooth constant velocity motion even at low speeds, says the vendor. Other features include travel lengths up to 1 meter, an integrated cable handling system, alternate motor selections for different load requirements, and 2 encoder feedback options. A cost-effective magnetic encoder provides clean quadrature signals for difficult environments from 1µm to 5µm resolution. A high-accuracy optical encoder provides resolution at 0.5µm and 0.1µm resolutions.

Schneeberger Inc.

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