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List of Safety Standards

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ISO 12100-1 and ISO 14121: Safety of machinery – principles for design and risk assessment

IEC 60204-1: Safety of electrical equipment

NFPA79 (2006): Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery

ISO 13849-1, -2: Safety related parts of machinery (SRPCS)

IEC 61326-3-1: EMC and functional machinery

IEC 61508: Functional Safety (basic standard)

IEC61496: Safety

IEC61131-6: Safety for PLCs

IEC61800-5-2: Safety function for drives

IEC 61511: Standards for fire & gas systems

ANSI B11.19: Performance criteria for the design, construction, care and operation of safeguarding

ANSI B11.TR6: Safety control systems for machine tools

ANSI / RIA 15.06, CAN / CSA Z434: Safety requirements for robots and robot systems

IEC 62061: Functional safety of safety-related electrical, electric and programmable electronic control systems.

Standards for risk assessment

ANSI / RIA15.06, CAN / CSA Z434: Safety requirements for robots and robot systems

ANSI B11.TR3: Risk Assessment and risk reduction – A guide to estimate, evaluate and reduce risks associated with machine tools.

ANSI B11.2008: General safety requirements common to ANSI B11 machines.

ISO 14121: Safety of machinery – principles of risk assessment.

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