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ABB Supports New OPC Analyzer Integration Spec

ABB plans to release products against the OPC-ADI specification, which provides a common method for data exchange for analyzer data models for process and laboratory analyzers.

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Within ABB’s Industrial IT solutions for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and automation, interoperability with analyzers is assured by a common configurator and industry standard analyzer interfaces based on OPC Unified Architecture technology.

Analyzer integration for PAT presents a unique set of challenges. There is a large variety of analyzers, supplied by multiple vendors, which provides many different types of critical data. The best way to accomplish the level of analyzer integration required for PAT is through broadly adopted, open standards.

This is why ABB actively supports the adoption of the OPC-ADI (Analyzer Device Integration) standard and has announced plans to release products against the specification. The specification provides a common method for data exchange for analyzer data models for process and laboratory analyzers. It serves as an information model for analyzer devices and enables true plug-and-play, multi-vendor interoperability.

The specification addresses several types of analyzers, including spectrometers and particle-size analyzers. Further clarifications and additions of other analyzer types will be the focus of the OPC ADI effort in 2009, with the final release of the OPC ADI specification scheduled for the second half of the year.

The release of this highly anticipated new specification follows the OPC Foundation’s founding principles of providing end-users with the ability to implement "Quality by Design" (QbD) in their manufacturing systems. Analyzers will no longer be isolated proprietary systems. They will be based on OPC UA specifications and have the ability to easily interact with complete plant systems through open communications.

Successful implementation of PAT requires not only the proper equipment and software solutions, properly and fully integrated, but also people who understand the life sciences industry in order to gain tangible benefits from the data. PAT must allow data to be captured, processed and stored in a regulatory compliant manner, and should have extensive lifecycle support to enhance the benefits of the capital invested. ABB’s PAT solutions enable implementers to:
•    Identify key ROI opportunities
•    Employ QbD
•    Reduce time to market
•    Decrease production costs
•    Reduce Capital Expenditure (CapEx) costs
•    Increase production flexibility
•    Enable real-time product release

ABB Analyzers measure in situ. ABB’s PAT solution helps to manage, interpret and act on the resulting data, turning it into actionable knowledge to enhance production and ultimately, the quality of the product.

ABB’s Analytical group designs, manufactures and markets high performance, affordable FTIR and FTNIR spectrometers as well as turnkey analytical solutions and spectroradiometers for remote sensing. ABB Analytical capabilities encompass one of the largest portfolios in the world for laboratory, at-line and process FTIR analyzers. They perform real-time analysis of the chemical composition and/or physical properties of a process sample stream. ABB Analytics also provides low drift analyzers for highly repeatable measurements and reproducible analyzers that allow calibration transfer.

ABB’s PAT solutions support analytics needs:
•    Integrate ABB or third-party analyzers into a common database
•    Data is time-aligned for ease of analysis and control
•    Integrate with ABB or any third-party control system
•    Reduce variability of process by measuring CQAs (critical quality attributes) and controlling CPPs (critical process parameters)
•    PAT Object Library reduces set-up and validation time and expense
•    Documentation time and expense are reduced.

For more information visit or email ABB at:

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