Three Phase Switch Mode Power Supplies

March 13, 2009
Buffalo Grove, IL - Carlo Gavazzi is proud to introduce its expanded line of three-phase power supplies. The SPD Series 3-Phase Switch-Mode Power Supplies are offered in 120, 240, 480 and 960 watt outputs, with an adjustable 24 VDC output voltage. 
Besides the 24VDC output type, some models offer the option of a 12 or 48VDC output. The power supplies provide up to 93% efficiency, and offer a wide Input Voltage Range of 340 – 575 VAC and 480 – 820 VDC. The power supplies also install quickly by snapping them onto DIN rail.    Power Factor Correction is standard on all models, and Parallel Connection is standard on most models, other than the 120W type. Outputs are protected against short circuits, overvoltage, and overload conditions. LEDs provide, and annunciate, onboard diagnostics and power source “ON”, while the Power Ready Output Relay signals the presence, or lack of proper 24 VDC output power. Carlo Gavazzi SPD Three Phase Power Supplies may be used with Single or Bi-Phase input power sources, in such instances there is a modest derating of the output power.  Features include:•    Available in 120W, 240W, 480W and 960W •    Input range of 340–575 VAC and 480–820 VDC•    24VDC output, with 12 or 48V on some types•    Up to 93% efficiency•    Capable of being powered by Single and Bi-phase input voltage•    Output voltage adjustable via potentiometer•    Two year warranty         •    Power factor correction standard•    Parallel connection standard 240, 480 and 960W•    Simple, secure DIN rail installation•    960W offered with Current Sharing that automatically shifts power between paralleled power supplies to meet    demand requirements•    Power “ON” and “READY” LEDs•    Power ready relay contacts signal presence or lack of nominal 24VDC output powerThe SPD Three Phase Power Supplies are cULus listed, and carry the TUV, CE and RoHS marks, your assurance of a high quality and safe product. For more information, visit Carlo Gavazzi at

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