Track Vibration, Avoid Downtime

The 750-645 2-Channel Vibration and Roller Bearing Monitoring Module (VIB-I/O) tracks machine vibration conditions.

Aw 3118 0903 Wago
Based on ISO’s 10816-3 mechanical vibration standard, the 750-645 VIB-I/O’s channels monitor and analyze vibration severity and shock pulse feedback using the vendor’s 750-925 Tandem-Piezo acceleration sensor. Mechanical shock pulse process data is transmitted to superior control systems (e.g., Manufacturing Execution System) via fieldbus. The resulting analysis provides the basis for an anticipatory maintenance schedule to ensure component replacement only when necessary and avoid unforeseen downtime. In the event of excessive vibration, the 750-645 VIB-I/O can enact a shutdown, preventing further damage.

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