Low-cost Profibus/Profinet Expansion

The IO-Link system is designed to enable quick and easy expansion or simplification of Profibus and Profinet networks, providing higher flexibility and easier system modification at significantly lower costs.

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An IO-Link Expansion module attaches directly to the Profibus or Profinet network, either as a new node or by substituting it for an existing node. Then, using standard low cost 3-conductor M12 cordsets, attach up to four intelligent IO-Link sensors up to 20 meters away from the IO-Link expansion module. Hardware includes network expansion modules, sensor hubs, standard M12 non-shielded 3-conductor cordsets, standard sensors, and intelligent IO-Link sensors. These sensors are available in a range of different sensing technologies, including distance feedback, RFID and pressure monitors. This provides less expensive Profibus/Profinet solutions for automation customers to build and retrofit machines with an overall cost savings in components, cabling, installation and integration effort, says the vendor.

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