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Power over EtherCatTerminal

The EK1132 Power over EtherCat junction terminal is designed to allow users to easily provide power to EtherCat sensors over a standard Cat 5 cable.

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Based on the IEEE standard 802.3af, the EK1132 requires only a standard EtherCat/Ethernet cable for the fieldbus signal and the power supply. The EK1132 EtherCat junction is particularly suitable for sensors such as shaft encoders or length-measuring devices that can now be connected via a single cable for reduced wiring efforts. The sensor supply voltage of 48V is generated in the EK1132 junction from the 24V voltage used as the industry standard. The signal and energy transfer takes place on the same wire so four-wire cables can be used. The sensors are connected to Power over EtherCat via a 4-pin connector such as M12. An intelligent power distribution system detects which power consumer belongs to which performance class and distributes the total available power (15.4W) to the connected devices accordingly.

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