Save Time Making Connections

The 4- and 5-wire S12 Quick-Connect connectors are designed to expedite installation and mate to any fully threaded M12 on the market, regardless of the manufacturer.

Aw 3130 0903 Turck
The connectors employ technology to simply attach to and detach from any M12 connection—and users can clearly hear and feel the click of the S12 Quick-Connect to know that it is fully attached. Using the S12 Quick-Connect provides a cost-effective method for component installation, including connecting numerous junction boxes where installation time can be reduced by 85 percent, says the vendor. The 4- and 5-wire S12 Quick-Connect cordsets use PVC jacket material, and all connectors are rated for 250 Volts, 4 Amps and provide IEC IP 67 protection.

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