Simple Control Via HMI

The HMI I/O Controller is the first I/O module to be developed by the vendor to enable easy interfacing with its HMI, while allowing the user to implement simple monitoring and automation tasks without need for a PLC.

Developed for the plus version of the H-T40 and the H-T40m-P, which features extended memory, the compact HMI I/O module can be easily mounted on the back of the H-T40m-P. It features 12 digital inputs/4 digital outputs, with other versions—including analog I/O modules—in the pipeline. Up to 16 modules per H-T40m-P can be stacked up, and the module’s built-in processor enables the H-T40m-P to operate at optimal speed with no adverse effects. Monitoring and automation tasks can be developed with the H-T40m-P’s software, H-Designer.

Beijer Electronics Inc.
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