Control Platform Goes Wireless

PSSuniversal—the modular, decentralized input/output (I/O) control platform that handles both operational control and safety-related functions for industrial environments—has gone wireless.

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InduraNET p, short for Industrial Radio Network, was specially developed for use in situations in which cable-based solutions are difficult, impractical or impossible to install. InduraNET p features an innovative antenna system that “virtually guarantees constant, high-quality connections under all application conditions,” says the vendor. Another InduraNET p feature, Coexistence Frequency Management or CFM, enables InduraNET p systems to coexist with other wireless systems in the 2.4GHz ISM band. Users can add InduraNET p to a new or existing I/O block without changing any hardware. A maximum of 64 operational and safety input/output modules—each with two or four I/O—can be installed in any order alongside a single PSSuniversal head module.

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