Connect Serial Devices Wirelessly

The EKI-1351 (1-port) and EKI-1352 (2-port) 802.11b/g Device Servers allow most RS-232/422/485 serial devices to be remotely monitored, managed and controlled wirelessly, eliminating the need for hardwired cable connections, says the vendor.

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The Device Servers are billed as a drop-in solution to add network connectivity to non-networked devices and equipment. With one connection for the network, and the other for attached RS-232/422/485 serial devices, Device Servers encapsulate serial data for transport over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Used together in pairs as an extension cable for serial devices, or separately with a host computer or PC, Device Servers are well-suited to overcome the inherent distance limitations and point-to-point nature of serial devices.

Advantech Corp. Industrial Automation Group
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