Lockout/Tagout Training Program

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, compliance with the OSHA lockout/tagout standard prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year.

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To assure the correct application of lockout/tagout practices, a comprehensive, easy-to-administer training program comes complete with a 10-minute video, an OSHA Standard compliance manual, reference cards, an instructor’s guide, and an employee quiz. At the heart of the program is the “Real, Real Life Lockout/Tagout Training” video. Entertaining as well as educational, it visually conveys the critical importance of lockout/tagout in the workplace, demonstrating the steps to properly apply and remove lockout/tagout devices, and how to maintain safety during shift changes. The video is suitable for new hires and for employee-refresher training.

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