Multi-featured Bus Controllers

New bus controllers for both CAN and Powerlink round out the vendor’s existing product range.

Aw 3200 0902 Brauto
The CAN bus controller meets the CANopen specifications DS 301 and DS 401. Automatic baud rate detection, PDO linking, life/node guarding and emergency objects are among features supported. The integrated X2X Link connection makes it possible to connect additional modules. AutoMapping is used to automatically detect these modules, whose data is then placed in the I/O map. 16 digital channels can be configured to operate as digital inputs or outputs, which are then individually directed to M8 connections. The Powerlink bus controller, also designed with IP67 protection and has two M12 connections for the fieldbus. An additional M12 serves as the connection for expansion modules. 16 additional digital channels are also provided, which can each be configured as input or output. Depending on the design, these are directed individually to M8 or in pairs to M12 connections.

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.
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