Diagnostic Tool Minimizes Downtime

The BradCommunications eNetMeter DN is a passive device that continuously monitors a DeviceNet network and sends the information over Ethernet to a PLC or PC monitoring system.

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The information can be read directly by an EtherNet/IP master. Optionally, data can be accessed through a DLL interface, an OPC server or the PC-based BradCommunications NetAlytix software, which provides an easy-to-use graphical display of network data. eNetMeter DN provides extremely accurate measurements of the network parameters using high-speed sampling, says the vendor. By comparing acceptable base measurements of a “good” network, it can help predict imminent failures down to individual devices. eNetMeter DN can be used to diagnose current faults on a non-functioning network through the measurement of hundreds of network parameters, minimizing downtime by pinpointing the node or location of the fault.

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