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Read Many Codes At Once

Software release 3.2 expands the decoding capabilities of the DataMan 100 vision-based ID readers and provides additional code support for all models in the DataMan product family.

Aw 3260 0901 Cognx
Release 3.2 enables DataMan 100 fixed-mount ID readers to simultaneously read up to 128 codes in a single field of view—even with mixed code types. “Many manufacturers continue to use a traditional 1D barcode label for the product ID, but have added a direct-marked 2D code to store the serial number, batch number, and date and lot code. They want to read both codes simultaneously for tracking and tracing products through their manufacturing process, and our new multicode feature is perfect for them,” said Carl Gerst, ID Reader Business Unit Manager at the vendor. Other multicode applications include reading codes on multiple products that appear in the same field of view due to their small size.

Cognex Corp.

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