Rugged, Easy-to-use Connector

The APD 19-way is an APD (Automotive Product DIN) circular connector designed for volume products requiring a technically robust and competitively priced solution.

Aw 3268 0901 Itt
The circular connector is capable of withstanding harsh and wet-area environments, suiting it well for industrial automation applications. Fitting within the APD connector range between the 7- and 37-position models, the 19-way connector features a unique secondary locking mechanism based on patent-pending technology, says the vendor. Designed for ease-of-use, no special contact removal tools are required to unlock the secondary locking contact insert. All that is needed is a screwdriver. The APD 19-way connector features 19 contacts, with the option of increasing to 27 contacts by using smaller contact sizes. For applications requiring a larger load capacity, pin count can be reduced by employing higher power contacts up to 50mm2 and 0 AWG wire.

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