Flexible Power Distribution/Terminal Blocks

Edison finger-safe power distribution blocks feature a modular design, allowing users to select and configure the number of poles required by each application.

Aw 3270 0901 Autodir
These blocks are engineered to accept copper conductors and maintain a short-circuit current rated (SCCR) rating of 200kA, with proper fusing. The finger-safe blocks are rated from 175A to 760A. Most are DIN-rail mountable, with prices starting at $8.25. Edison open-style terminal blocks are also offered as a convenient way to manage power distribution needs in factory and field settings. Surface-mountable, they are engineered to maintain an SCCR rating of 200kA with copper conductors and 10kA for aluminum conductors. With Ampere ratings of up to 760A, the terminal blocks, are available in single, double, and three-pole configurations. Pricing starts at $6.75.

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