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High-power Mesh Network Radios

High-power industrial radios are designed to provide secure wireless communication over a long-distance, wireless mesh network of up to 40 radios.

Aw 3273 0901 Phnix
The RAD-80211-XD/HP and RAD-80211XD/HP-BUS feature 400mW (26dBm) transmit power and 128-bit AES encryption. An auto-bridge mesh mode allows the network to self-form and heal if a radio drops out of the network. Like other radios in the RAD-80211-XD series, the high-power radios also support access point, client and bridge/repeater modes. They conform to standards 802.11b/g and operate in the 2.4 GHz band. With the RAD-80211-XD/HP-BUS radio, up to 64 digital, analog and pulse I/O points can be interfaced directly to the radio by connecting the RAD-Line expandable I/O modules. The I/O modules can be addressed via Modbus TCP or legacy serial Modbus RTU over the 802.11 network.

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