Versatile Remote Flow Meter

The ST75 Flow Meter is now available in a remote mountable configuration for applications in hazardous areas or hard-to-reach locations.

Aw 3274 0901 Fluid
Combining high accuracy with a rich feature set, the ST75 Flow Meter is designed for line sizes from 0.25-in. to 2.0-in. It provides three unique outputs: mass flow rate, totalized flow and media temperature. The ST75 Flow Meter features accuracy to ±2 percent of reading with ±0.5 percent repeatability. Its precision flow element has a no-moving parts design that employs platinum RTD sensors embedded in equal mass thermowells with microprocessor electronics calibrated to laboratory standards for a range of gases, including natural gas, methane, nitrogen, CO2, argon, all inert gases and compressed air. The ST75 Flow Meter operates over a wide flow range, from 0.01 to 559 SCFM (0.01 to 950 NCMH) depending on line size. The ST75’s remote mount transmitter, which includes a full digital display, can be mounted up to 50 feet away from the sensor, connected via two 0.50-inch FNPT cables.

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