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Rugged, Space-saving Light Curtain

The SL-V Safety Light Curtain incorporates highly-visible indicators to facilitate set-up and to easily see the current operating status.

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The tough, slim body is space saving, and conforms to IP65 and IP67 standards, allowing the sensor to work well in harsh environments. When work pieces strike the unit, aluminum-framed brackets prevent shock damage and optical axes misalignment. Edge-to-edge mounting and side-exit cabling are designed to allow the curtain to fit perfectly into equipment, with the cabling tucked neatly away from danger. Green lights enable operators to determining whether the curtain is active and beam axes are correctly aligned. Red lights indicate the location of a curtain blockage if the beam axes become misaligned, dirty or blocked, facilitating easier troubleshooting. Curtain lengths range from 150mm to 2390mm, and up to 3 curtains (or 240 beams maximum) can be connected in series.

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