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Connectors Simplify Electrical Wiring

The 890 Series Winsta Mini pluggable connector for modular wiring systems includes 2- and 3-pole variants and is designed to bring convenient push-wire terminations to modular electrical wiring.

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The connector is offered as cord-end plugs and sockets, with snap-in variants for through-panel mounting and distribution blocks. Highly compact, the 890 Series Winsta Mini fits through 5/8-in. knockout (2-pole) or 7/8-in. knockout (3-pole) and features a voltage/current rating of 600V/10A—billed as best in class relative to its size. Cage clamp spring pressure connection technology terminates all conductor types, with the additional advantage of tool-free, push-wire direct insertion of solid or ferruled-stranded conductors AWG 22-16.

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