I/O Modules Provide Flexibility

Three new modules expand the vendor’s 8000 Process I/O line.

Aw 3280 0901 Fanuc
The 8129 Supervised Discrete Input/Output Module provides flexibility for interfacing to 8 channels, each of which may be configured on a channel-by-channel basis, as either an input or an output. The module’s internal diagnostics monitor all inputs, check for line faults and check for proper operation. The 8132 Universal Analog Input Module provides for 8 isolated, universal input channels. It is configurable on a channel-by-channel basis for 4-20mA, THC, RTD, and resistance and voltage inputs. The 8133 Analog Input with Hart Module provides the interface to 8 channels of 4-20mA input signals. The Hart capabilities allow acquisition of up to four secondary variables per channel. The Module also interfaces to several asset management packages and can communicate with any Hart field device transparently, using Hart pass-through. The module carries out a number of diagnostic checks.

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