Versatile, Compact Drive

The compact J1000 AC drive is available in models ranging from 1/8hp to 7.5hp.

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Voltage classes are 200-240V single-phase, 200-240V three-phase, and 380-480V three-phase, all of which are 50/60Hz. A standard internal braking transistor permits faster stopping, and both hardware and software peripherals can be used, allowing program storage. Lifetime monitors that continuously monitor the health of the key components enhance maintainability. Other features include a 5-digit LED keypad, an output frequency of 0-400Hz, Modbus communication at up to 38.4kbps, and a short circuit current rating of 30kA rms symmetrical. The J1000 has CE, UL and cUL certification and is RoHS compliant.

Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
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