Inexpensive Micro PLCs

The Click PLC is engineered to be inexpensive, compact, expandable and easy to use.

Aw 3360 0812 Autodir
A Click CPU unit can function as a complete PLC system. The unit features eight inputs and six outputs, available in four combinations of built-in I/O types. For expansion, eleven option modules are available for flexible system configuration, up to 142 I/O. All Click CPUs support 8K steps of Flash EEPROM program memory and 8K words of data memory. Two 24VDC power supply options, with either 0.5A or 1.3A outputs, can be used to power the PLC. The Click PLC system’s space-saving design requires no mounting base; up to eight option modules can be attached to the CPU via an integrated expansion port on the sides of the modules and secured by locking tabs on the top and bottom of all modules.


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