Sensor Detects Combustible Gas

With its advanced point infrared combustible gas sensing element, the Model IR400 Infrared (IR) Point Gas Detector is designed to deliver reliable protection against explosive hydrocarbon gases.

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It features a low power design that installs in minutes, says the vendor, and incorporates heated optics to eliminate condensation, as well as a dirty optics indicator for fail-safe operation. The IR400 continuously monitors combustible gases in the lower explosive limit (LEL) range and provides a 4-20mA analog signal proportional to the 0 to 100% LEL concentration. The detector also monitors other conditions such as supply voltage and optical path integrity. The IR400 comes with the following industry approvals: FM, CSA, ATEX, CE Marking and IECEx. It is also certified as SIL 2 capable. Configurations with analog output, Modbus and Hart are available.

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